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Q - What Courses can I get funding for?
A - Funding is generally available for full time in-class studies only. HRDSC, Bands, Student loans, Bursaries, Scholarships and Passport to Education is accepted at our college.

Q - Can I get funding for Correspondence Courses?
A - Some provinces such as Saskatchewan make student loans available for correspondence.

Q - What about loan applications for First Nations Residents of Canada?
A - Funding may be available through your First Nations Band, if you qualify.

 Q - What asbout EI funding?
A - If you have been on EI in the last couple years you may be able to receive grant money for tution. Check with your local HRSDC branch for more information.

Q - Where can I get some more information?
A - Go to your local HRSDC, Band office, or website to apply for student funding.

Loans: You will have to request a manual paper application (we are not online).

If you have any more questions about getting student funding for one of our courses, please Contact our College. 1-866-763-2418