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"Having never written a testimonial before, I am unsure of the format it is supposed to take. I am, however, sure of the message I would like to send.  Earlier this year I found myself at somewhat of a crossroads, both personally and professionally.  Fortunately for me, sometimes you just end up where you're supposed to be, and in March 2003 I began the six month Natural Health Practitioners course.

I found the environment there nurturing and comfortable, the classes informative and interesting, the teaching staff professional but personal, the staff knowledgeable and supportive. As for the class, we began a group of strangers; we ended up in tears on graduation day. One of the highest compliments I could pay is that at all times I felt respected and my belief system honored.  We all felt that way despite our incredibly varied back grounds.

All that aside, what counts, of course, are results. I began my two week practicum immediately following graduation and was offered a permanent position the second day into it. I am exactly where I had hoped to be and I couldn't be happier.

This is an occupation that is growing and changing constantly and there is always more to learn. I plan to continue my studies for years to come but I feel that my time at school has been well spent and has given me a great base to start from. If anyone is debating whether to take this course my advice is "Don't hesitate. You are one step closer to a wonderful experience and a great career."
Holly, BC Canada

 "Taking this course has been a life-changing experience!  It has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life!

The course covers all the information on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the modalities were not just about the training but that there was also the opportunity for self-growth. The teachers are very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate."

Claire, PEI Canada

"The NHP course far outweighed my expectations.  I gained an incredible amount of knowledge & skill in all the various relaxation & healing modalities.

The classes were very informative and the teachers were extremely knowledgeable, kind & caring.  I will very much miss this school, but also look forward with confidence to the career that awaits me".

Judy, BC Canada

Thank you for everything.
Taeko, Hiratsuka-shi Japan

 For the past 14 years I have been employed as a Special Education Teaching Assistant with the Prince George School District. I honestly thought I would retire from there. After a number of stressful events, including the deaths of some of my previous students, as well as my own daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumour, I found it impossible to carry on in that field. I also knew that someČthing very important was missing from my life.

I felt like I was lost, and empty inside, not knowing what I, now as an unemployed 47 year old, was going to do with myself. I was in need of some direction. While reading Issues magazine one day, I saw the ad, and decided to check out the website. It offered exactly what I was looking for.

Throughout the course of 6 months, I found myself becoming a whole person again. The instructors and the courses they taught went far beyond my wildest expectations. I have acquired new knowledge that compliments my interests and follows my hearts' desire. I now have a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build from.

I have met some incredible people at, and through this school. The information, caring and knowledge are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. Not only as a way to heal yourself, but also as a wonderful career in the natural health field.

I have become an empowered woman, and I want to thank you for your guidance and wisdom.

Marg, BC Canada

Well, this has been quite the year, with my mother's diagnosis of breast cancer; my life as it was came to a stand still, with complete focus on her. I have managed to complete my case studies in the midst of the past year for both Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Enclosed are over fifty case studies for each, also the video exam for reflexology. If the reflexology does not meet the standard, I can retape it. My mother is the one who has been taping my exams in the past and seems to be the best at it. Since her diagnosis has come back clear! After going through chemo and radiation she said she would be pleased to continue to help.

Out of interest sake, I continued to apply aromatherapy and reflexology to my mother through all the treatments one directly after chemo and another during the week following her doctors couldn't understand why she was not suffering from any nausea, and not on all the medication normally prescribed. We keep the white blood cell count up to where it needed to be, no nausea from chemo, not all meds were needed, strictly due to essential oil therapy, reflexology and a high protein diet. She also worked at her job through chemo. It was absolutely amazing and all the doctors had to say was "whatever your doing keep it up, because it's working" "I have never seen someone go through this with such ease"

I have learned more this year then I could have ever imagined. I have touched on something I believe as a future Aromatherapist will have a positive impact on other cancer patients I am living in Toronto during the week and there is a massive cancer care building arising. The approach that Credit Valley Hospital is taking is an extremely holistic approach to the cancer care given I will be approaching the hospital closer to the opening date. The convenient thing about it is I live with the director of the hospital. A nice foot in there!
Katherine, BC Canada

Good day,
Many thanks to you.

Holly, Christchurch New Zealand

 My overview

 Life provides some interesting opportunities to bring people into your life.

Due to a health issue, I was searching for some answers and I ended up on the web site.

I started with the perquisites then completed my intuitive practitioner's diploma. I shifted my energy levels, healed my emotional issues and gained so much knowledge on how energy affects us that I decided to continue to become a Holistic Practitioner.

The shift continues, which has intrigued some of the medical profession who work with me. I found my answers and a new direction in life. Now they have questions as well and it is so nice to answer some of them.

My experience with staff has been wonderful. I received excellent direction on the selection of the order of my courses. I found the courses; clear, concise and to the point. I enjoyed the doing the case studies as they were a great learning opportunity. My many questions were answered honestly, quickly and in depth with the upmost patience. My critiques on courses were received with respect and gratitude. When I was going through the courses and was unsure or a bit lost the support from the institute was great.

I have gained the skills to deal with clients from all backgrounds in my new business. I know after my graduation I will still be able to contact the institute with more questions and will receive the support with answers or direction I need.

Thank you,

Fay, BC Canada

I've opened up my store. There is a variety of things happening here; Health Deli bar, Smoothie Bar, Therapeutic Spa, and Customized Aromatherapy. It's been fun getting everything together and I love the atmosphere of the store. I have some regular clientele, meeting a lot of new people. I've been thinking how lucky I am to have found a course like this. I think what you are doing is very important and special. I just want to let you know I appreciate all the time you spend with and on us. It was definitely an enlightening part of my life.
- Jenny, Ont Canada

You are a really awesome teacher and person and I know you'll be great at all your future endeavors!
Thanks again,
Jamie , California USA

Thank you for being a great teacher and person. And thanks for the great experience.
From Nicole, Sask. Canada

It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks for being so caring and supportive with me...I wish you all the best! lots and lots of love...
Flavia, Brazil