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Information you should know about private schools…Anyone can offer courses, seminars, information classes or retreats.

The questions you should be asking yourself are these…

1) Does the college need to be registered with the government?

No, unless the courses are over 40 hours and $1000.00 or more. Registered means that the school is audited yearly by PCTIA (BC) or similar.

PCTIA is governed by the Ministry of Education

One of the past owners was in good standing with PCTIA for over ten years with another school she owned. No need to worry about our school.

2) Is the school accredited?

I know most students think this is most important, but it is only good for student loans and sponsorships…if you are paying out of your own pocket this really will not be helpful to you.

We might decide to go this route again in the future, if the government changes the amount funded.

3)  Are the Long Duration student course files kept properly?

We do not have to legally, we do not have any long duration courses (over 40 hours or $1000.00 or more).

We do data witness a student who has taken many of our courses though.

We do keep a copy of the student's: Transcripts, Certificate(s) and Enrollment Agreement.

4) Are the courses all taught by teachers with the correct credentials?

Our teachers have at least the minimum needed (most our teachers have wayyyy more than what is required);

Minimum Requirement is:

Have taught for at least one year.

Have work in that modality for at least 2 years.

5) Will a student be registered, certified or licensed?

Ours are not… and be careful if the school says theirs are…this would mean the government has granted you a title (not the school). You would have to have taken a government exam or you have registered with an association that have a title granted to them.

 Some of our courses you can join an association after and be granted the title of registered.

6) Are the certificates legal?

Ours are.

Certificates are needed to get a business license and liability insurance. Many clients love to see them on the wall for reassurance that they are in good hands.

Certificate Programs:

Defined As: "A written statement attesting some fact, esp. the status and qualifications of the person holding it."  Student loans not accepted.

Benefits of our Certificate Courses

  • Clients can have confidence that their practitioner has the proper training.
  • Able to receive a business licence and insurance.
  • Professionally recognized worldwide.
  • Credibility.
  • High academic standards (75% passing grade).
  • Courses we offer that are certificates (Most need Intro to Anatomy/Physiology, Open your own Business and Intro to Pathology courses)
Individual Courses:

A student can also take one course at a time. Student loans not accepted and no certificate is granted.

Benefits of our Individual Courses.

  • Freedom of choosing what you want to learn.
  • Ability to enhance your knowledge as time and money allows.
  • All courses are credited towards certificates.
  • You get to choose the time of day you study at.