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Cosmetology update on regulation

    January 23, 2007

      Ms. Monica Lust, Executive Director

      BC Career Colleges Association

      21314 123rd Avenue

      Maple Ridge BC V2X 4B6

      Dear Ms. Lust:

      I am responding to your November 8, 2006 letter regarding possible future regulation of the cosmetology industry in British Columbia.

      It is anticipated that a decision on future cosmetology regulation will be made by government in the coming weeks. At that point in time, consultation findings will be released to the public and to all interested stakeholders.

      If regulatory changes are made, a comprehensive transition strategy will be put in place designed to meet the needs of cosmetologists, businesses, students and schools. Grand parenting provisions would also likely be used for certain aspects of implementation and all stakeholders would be provided with reasonable time periods to adjust to changes. Mr. Toby Lottie. Director of the Corporate Policy and Planning Office, will endeavour to provide you with updates on this issue in the very near future and as they occur.

      Thank you for your continued commitment and interest in this matter and I appreciate the time and input you have provided on the issue.

      John Les     Solicitor General

      PC: Toby Louie


      May 01/10 To date nothging has changed.

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