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326 - Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1

Certificate Program

PCTIA Accredited

Reiki level 1 Course:

This course follows the Usui System of Natural Healing, as appointed by Dr. Mikao Usui, who rediscovered this ancient eastern healing art in the 1800’s, and to whom we now owe its rising popularity. Reiki resembles touch healing, though through Reiki the energy channelled into the body is more focused and directed to specific areas of the body.

Learn about the physical part of Reiki, and how to apply it on yourself.

Entry Criteria / Requirement
Need Grade twelve or be a mature student (19 and have been out of school at least one year)
Graduation Requirements
Job Opportunities
Spa or start your own business
Example of session rates in a Spa
Client Charge: $45.00 - $125.00 CND (depending on session chosen) -Session is anywhere from 1/2hr.-2hr.;Employees wage is anywhere from $9.00/hr. to 50% of session ;
Available In Class?
Available by Correspondence?
Distance Education/Correspondence Course Duration: 2 months - Register
Tuition Fees and Associated Costs
Notes: You need a massage table.
Course: $75.00 CDN.
Registration Fee: $25.00 + tax
Manuals: $25.00

 By Correspondence Enrolment
Step 1. Select the 'Register' Button on the right towards the top of this page or on any page that has your course(s) of interest. (Remember to select your additional books and supplies, listed above to the right of the page for your convenience).
Step 2. Continue to follow the online instructions and use our 128 bit secure online purchasing system to complete your registration online.
Step 3. Once we have reviewed the details of your registration(s), we will contact you and send out your course materials promptly.

* Assistance, if you require assistance by phone, then please contact us. College Contact Details: Contact Page

Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing College is proud to present this Reiki level 1 school course. This Reiki level 1 is for the student who wants to learn how to use Reiki for their personal use.

For in class students; this is an accelerated Reiki level 1 course. You can e-mail us to see if we have room for part time studies or you can take this program by correspondence and complete it in two months.

Approved for 12.0 credits with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia
Code/Category PE/A2

This program is also accepted by the Natural Health Practitioner of Canada Association

Topics covered in this course include:
• History of Reiki Atonement
• Energy
• Basic Anatomy and the Chakra system
• Reiki Principles
• Healing Technique
• Ethics
• Practical Application

Courses required for the Reiki Level 1 certificate: Energy Balancing Level 1 and Meditation.

Additional Books and Supplies

  DVD Video (do not need if you choose the delivery by 'internet' option)