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00 - Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment

PCTIA Accredited

Prior Learning Assessment

We have credited many students who have obtained prior knowledge for courses from another college.

Entry Criteria / Requirement
Need Grade twelve or be a mature student (19 and have been out of school at least one year)
Available In Class?
Available by Correspondence?
Tuition Fees and Associated Costs
Course: $25.00 CDN.
Registration Fee: $0.00 + tax
Manuals: $0.00

Prior Learning Assessment

The criteria that we allow is; 80% or better and the course must match or be more in-depth than our course.

We will need:
• A copy of your legal transcript with your grades.
• A copy of the course outline, showing what was taught and how many hours.
• A copy of your driver's licence, passport or birth certificate

The individual course(s) that you are trying to get credit for must be on the transcript.

Again; you will need 80% or better in the course.
*The only certificate that we will take instead of a transcript is Reiki (must be Dr. Usui's Method).

*Estheticians will need to upgrade the Anatomy / Physiology Course
-Digestion, Lymph/Immune, Urinary/Parasites, Endocrine and Reproductive = $227.27 will be charged instead of the normal $500.00 for Anatomy

• Get the information that we need
• Pay the Prior Learning Assessment fee
• Send all copies

We will look over all the information and make our decision.
The only reason you would not get credit is if you do not have 80% or the course is not to our standards.