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360 - Introduction to Pathology

Introduction to Pathology

Individual Course

PCTIA Accredited

Introduction to Pathology Course (Pathogen Study or Study of Disease):

Pathogens; the main ones are: bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.
When the body’s PH level is not balance, mostly too high a level of acid, the body is sending out a message to the Universe that it is deteriorating. This then sends a message to the pathogens to come and do their job; decompose and clean up the debris.

The purpose of this course is to have a student be able to look up a condition or disease and find out which system of the body is stressed and if the cause is a pathogen breaking down the body and then be able to address the client with the appropriate modality to help promote health.

This is a very basic introduction to Pathology.

Entry Criteria / Requirement
Need Grade twelve or be a mature student (19 and have been out of school at least one year)
Graduation Requirements
Available In Class?
Available by Correspondence?
Distance Education/Correspondence Course Duration: 1 month - Register
Tuition Fees and Associated Costs
Course: $200.00 CDN.
Books: $37.50 (approx)
Supplies: $0.00 (approx)
Registration Fee: $25.00 + tax
Manuals: $25.00

 By Correspondence Enrolment
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Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing College is proud to present this Introduction to Pathology school course. This Introduction to Pathology course is for the student who wants a basic understanding of disease.

For in class students; this is an accelerated Introduction to Pathology course. You can e-mail us to see if we have room for part time studies or you can take this program by correspondence and complete it in one month.

Topics covered in this course include:
• Diseases of the skeletal and muscular system
• Diseases of the cardio-vascular system
• Diseases of the respiratory system
• Diseases of the digestive system
• Diseases of the neurological system
• Diseases of the liver and gallbladder
• Diseases of the endocrine system
• Diseases of blood, of the lymphatic and immune system
• Diseases of the genitourinary and reproductive system
• Diseases of the senses and the skin
• Psychiatric diseases

Additional Books and Supplies

  Prescription for Nutritional Healing ISBN 978-1-58333-400-3