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370-14 - Breast Massage

Breast Massage

Certificate Program

PCTIA Accredited

Breast Massage Course:

Breast Massage for the purpose of preventative medicine has been performed for many, many years. Breast massage has been performed on; pre or post cancerous issues, mastectomies, prenatal mothers. Doctors have been teaching self breast exams for years.

The technique taught will help to move lymphatic build up that may be stored in the breast area.  In proper wearing of bras, metal braces in bras, sleeping in a bra or tight shirt can all cause less flow of the lymphatic system which moves the toxins of your body out.

Entry Criteria / Requirement
Need Grade twelve or be a mature student (19 and have been out of school at least one year)
Graduation Requirements
Homework, Written Exams, Case Studies, Practical Exams
Available In Class?
Available by Correspondence?
Tuition Fees and Associated Costs
Notes: Supply dollars may change due to the quality or quantity of supplies / Massage Table purchased.
Course: $350.00 CDN.
Registration Fee: $25.00 + tax
Manuals: $25.00

Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing College is proud to present this Breast Massage school course. This Breast Massage course is for the student who wants to work in a day spa, cruise ship, beauty salon or Health and Healing center.

For in class students; this is an accelerated Breast Massage course. You can e-mail us to see if we have room for part time studies.

Topics covered in this course include:
• Perform the Breast Massage as taught
• How this massage can help a client
• What conditions are benefited by this technique
• Breast tissue and lymphatic anatomy

Courses also required for the Breast Massage certificate: Spa Massage Practician, Anatomy/Physiology Level 1.

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Additional Books and Supplies

  DVD Video (do not need if you choose the delivery by 'internet' option)