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Rules to Courses In class and by Distant Education
(Updated June 2012)

Correspondence students only:
Your Completion date/Duration for this course is___________________  Check that the date is correct (postal/mail -two weeks plus duration date, e-mail -one day plus duration date). 

Completion Time /Duration
The date stated is the date or post marked date (mailed) for completion of the *individual courses you are taking. Meaning everything-all homework, assignments, exams- written and practical and all case studies must be completed and handed in before or no later than that date (postmarks are accepted).

When we mail your course to you by post, we have already allowed two extra weeks for the duration. 
*Correspondence students that have a student loan, grant or being sponsored for any of the Certificate /Diploma programs have to be completed all courses by the completion date/duration on the student loan/sponsors contract.

In Class Students
Completion Time /Duration
All dates are given in your calendar of classes. Make sure your homework is given to us at least one week ahead so that we can mark it and give it back for you to study. You are expected to be doing 10-20 case studies a week plus the written homework. Because of the accelerated schedule, in class students have one month after the duration date (from our school's contract) to complete any remaining case studies (only). This has nothing to do with your Sponsors end date (EI, Student loans, etc.).

In Class & Correspondence
For medical or bereavement rea¬sons only:
If being sponsored or you have a grant or student loan, you must follow their contract rules.

Correspondence students-
May apply for one, three (3) week maximum extension in their entire program duration with proof of a Dr.'s note. The application for extension must be made in writing before the end date, with a doctor's note attached stating a date that the student can return to studies. Applications for extension which do not include a doctor's note will be refused. "I was just too busy "  is, unfortunately, not grounds for an extension.

If a student is unsuccessful, at the discretion of CINHH, he/she can choose to take the course over again at full price.

In Class students-
Being an accelerated program you only have four classes you can miss and not in a row. Some courses are taught only in one class and some courses if you miss a day you have missed too much to catch up. If you need leave (with a doctor's note) you will be removed from the program and depending on your situation and contract might be able to be moved to correspondence.

Correspondence: You will find the homework in the front of the manual for the introductory courses and the back of the manual for all others (or on your mycinhh login).
• Courses that include homework can be submitted by e-mail (PDF to ), mail or fax for marking. If you are going to fax, call ahead for approval. Homework will be returned. 
• Kelowna Fax 1-250-868-3142
• Your exam is from your homework; if you study your re¬turned homework, you should have an easy time passing your final exam.
• Homework may take up to one (1) week to be marked and exams may take up to two (2) weeks to be marked, graded and recorded. Every effort is made to mark these items in a timely manner.
In class: Homework is due at least one week prior to an exam.

Students are required to submit homework assignments by the end of their courses. Each completed assignment will be filed in your permanent record and may not be re¬turned to you. Please ensure you have a copy if you wish to reference it at a later date. With the exception of Introduction to Business, the assignment must be a minimum of 750 words (3 pages) in length, and include a covering page, opening paragraph, body, conclusion and bibliography.
Correspondence students make copies of everything before you mail us any homework or case study information!

Case Studies:
These are approximately one hour practical sessions (hands on) that you will be doing on family and friends. You can use your notes while doing a case study. Sessions might take you twice as long in the beginning but you will get quicker as you practice. You cannot charge money for the case studies when you do not have a certificate. If you charge money you are off of the schools liability insurance. If someone tips you that is allowed but you can never ask or expect a tip. This is part of your schooling.

Other than Iridology you can do one person many times over. Try to have a few different people so you get the experience of different body types.
 *Late, not signed or missing case studies will be marked as a fail. If mailing into us, make sure you have a second copy.

Clothes & Jewellery:
Your clothing should fit and never have ties, strings or open jackets that can rub on a client. Your shirts need to be high enough that when you bend over no one can see down to the cleavage. Skirts are to be below the knee when you sit and never wear jeans or shorts. You should look professional! 

If you like you can buy a smock and wear it. Most Estheticians wear white but most Day Spas are all black or black pants and white top.
No hand or arm jewellery should ever be worn while doing any practical sessions. Also check your necklaces that they are not long enough to touch a client. Or that any of your body other than your hands or arms ever touch a client (too distracting when a client is in a relaxed state). 

In the Classroom Behaviour:
In class students: All count towards your end grade. The school is run also like a business. A student is like an employee. Expectations are the same.  

Showing up to class even one minute past the start time is yes, considered a late.
Note: Students will not be permitted into class when late.
At the discretion of the instructor you might be allowed in at the break.
Not only are you showing that you have poor time management skills but also you are interrupting and taking up many other students' time which they paid good money for.

Cell phones:
Are not permitted in the classroom. Leave them in your car or at home. The health and spa industry need the silence.

Students that do not bring proper sheets and towels may not be allowed to participate and will lose
marks on their professionalism.

All students must clean up after themselves and will lose marks on professionalism.
This industry needs to follow Health Canada rules.

All students must participate (give and receive) in all modalities they are taking.
If you have a note from a professional (doctor, pastor) to say otherwise,
you will need to sit and watch or we have the right to change you to correspondence.

Exams: All exams, practical and written, are closed book. (Other than the practical for Muscle Testing)

IMPORTANT –Correspondence students-You must order your exam in writing (e-mail or fax) for us to send to your proctor at least two weeks in advance.

• Please e-mail or fax us your proctor's name and address.
• If you do not receive an e-mail back stating we have received your information please call us.

Written exams are part of many courses and the student is responsible to find his/her own proctor to administer the exam.
• A proctor may be a librarian, teacher, principal, lawyer, notary public, physician, minister or priest.      Many students contact their local librarians to proctor their written exams.
• Some libraries charge a fee, others do not.
• Your written exam will be mailed to your proctor in a sealed envelope.
• You are responsible for:
    o Making your own appointment
    o Showing up for the exam on time
    o Have money for the postage for the return envelope.

The minimum passing grade on any exam is 80%.
If you must re-write a written exam or retake a practical exam, you have up to two weeks to do so.
There is a charge of $20.00+HST for the first re¬write, $50.00+HST for the second.
You will receive no more than an 80% mark, which is our minimum passing grade.
If three exams (same or separate course(s) in one program) are failed the student will be expelled from the program or course in which he/she is regis¬tered.

Practical exams are part of many courses. Must be sent in, before or no later than, the duration end date.
Make sure you are professional: no interruptions- people, children, pets, telephones, etc.

The student is responsible for providing his/her own Video Camera and Video Cassette tape or DVD.

Please ensure that the video has a good view of everything you are doing in your treatment.

This practical exam is CLOSED BOOK you should be able to do the exam without notes or charts!
(Muscle Testing is the only course that you can use your manual or charts to do the practical exam to balance the client)

If unsure of your format, please phone ahead to ask.
If mailing please ensure your video is in DVD, mini DVD, VHS, USB flash drive or Mini¬ DV60SE only. AND FINALIZED (check it on a friend's TV or Computer)

Make sure you finalize the DVD's! Did we say that already!
Recordings will only be returned with a charge to the student. You will have to request if you want the video back

To send by internet you can go to:
The connection info is:
username: studentarea
password: naturalhealth

Diploma Programs:
A valid CPR and First Aid certificate is required at students own expense and time. This is needed to graduate from the Wholistic Practitioner, Esthetician (or any individual course) and Natural Health Practitioner programs.

Certificate and Diplomas:
Once you have completed all pre-required courses plus the certificate course you will start to receive individual certificates and once you have completed all required certificates you will receive the diploma(s). A certificate allows you to earn money, get a business license and liability insurance.

What can you call yourself?
All individual course and program names are called by their legal name; students cannot change or advertise any made up name(s). 
Example you cannot call yourself;
• Massage Therapist, Massage Practitioner or any combination. The Massage Therapist Association has a trade mark /copy write on these names.
• Certified, Registered or Licensed are all legal names meaning you have taken a government exam and/or through an association.  Our school certificates and diplomas do not grant you these titles.

You do have and can say that you have a certificate or diploma in or that you are an; Esthetician, Natural Health Practitioner, Wholistic Practitioner, Spa Massage Practician, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Nail Technician, Day Spa Practitioner, Musclologist, Basic Spa Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Practitioner, Hypnotherapy or any of our individual named certificates that you have graduated from.

We are very proud to have our certificate and diploma names known and are hung on many graduates walls all over the world.