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7 of the most frequently asked pre-enrollment questions

Below are the 7 most commonly asked Pre-Enrollment questions that are often asked by Correspondence and In-Class Students, wishing to study with the Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing.

1. Diploma and Certificates vs Individual Courses
2. How to Use Credits from Other Schools
3. Our Courses ARE Recognized World Wide
4. Duration Available to Complete Your Course
5. Guidelines for Correspondence Students
6. Taking Practical Exams By Correspondence
7. Requirements of Case Studies

Diploma and Certificates vs Individual Courses
Diploma and Certificate programs are made up of individual courses. Once you have passed all requirements in that course you will never need to take it again for any of our other Certificate or Diploma programs.

How to Use Credits from Other Schools
If you have taken a similar course from another school and would like credit for that course please submit a copy of your transcript and course outline. As long as it meets or surpasses our standards it will be accepted.

Prior Learning Assessment

For more information go to:

Our Courses ARE Recognized World Wide
We have graduate students from all over the world taking our courses. Our certificates and diplomas are recognized worldwide.

Duration Available to Complete Your Course
All individual courses and programs have a duration - a time that the course needs to be finished by. The Durations are posted in the course sections of this website.

Guidelines for Correspondence Students
Courses are taught by written format and the practical is taught by video as well. For courses with written homework, the student will send in the answered questions for marking and the marked homework is sent back to the student in order to study for the exam.

All courses in the certificate program need to be completed before a certificate is granted. In most cases it does not matter what course you start with. Most students pick their favourite course first.

Students will order one course (max of two courses at a time) online. In the comment section, type in the program you are going for.

Written exams are closed book (other than intuitive training). You will make an appointment with your *proctor (most students use a Librarian) - send us their name and mailing address. The exam will be sent to them with a return envelope.

You will have to bring money for the return mail:

*A proctor is a professional to watch the exam.

  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Lawyer/Notaries
  • Priest/Minister/Reverend/Pastor

Taking Practical Exams by Correspondence/Distance Education
Practical Exams are also closed book. Students will video tape one session of the modality they are studying and send it in for marking. Remember to be professional. Your area of taping can be in your house but NO children (unless that is who you are doing), animals, phones, etc. on the video.

Requirements of Case Studies
Case studies are the practical practice you will do on the clients (friends and family). There is no charge on their sessions (tips are allowed but you can not ask for one). You can do one person many times over. Try to have at least 3-5 people so you can have different experiences.